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    PCJ - Blue Nile Signature Diamonds

    Blue Nile Signature Diamond Collection
    The Blue Nile Signature Diamonds are the top 1% of diamond cuts in the world. Offering an exceptional amount of brilliance, these diamonds are cut to precisely perfect proportions, each round and cushion-cut to exhibit an intensively beautiful brilliance.

    Buy Blue Nile Signature Diamond Online:
    Online shopping brings to you an experience like never before. Shop from our exclusively crafted range of Blue Nile Signature Diamond Collection online available only on WearYourShine.com and selective PC Jeweller showrooms.

    The Signature Diamond Difference:
    These Signature Diamonds are certified and graded twice; by The Gem Certification And Assurance Lab and GIA to meet the meticulous quality requirements of the Blue Nile Signature Collection.
    A Diamond’s cut is its most important characteristic, it highly influence the diamond’s beauty and determines the sparkle in the same. Our most brilliant cut, representing roughly the top 1% of diamond quality based on cut. The highest grades of polish and symmetry allow it to reflect even more light than the standard ideal cut.

    Finest Cut: Each piece is meticulously analyzed by Blue Nile’s master diamond gemologists, who mark it for facets with proportions that will produce the most brilliance

    Perfect Proportion: Blue Nile Signature Diamonds perfect proportion reflects the maximum amount of light entering the diamond

    Exceptional Symmetry: Signature Diamonds facets are symmetrically aligned and ensure that its brilliance is evenly emitted

    Certification: All Blue Nile Signature Collection Diamonds are certified by GCAL in addition to being graded by the GIA.

    WearYourShine Assurance:
    Buying from our Blue Nile Signature Diamond Collection ensures the use of the best materials and excellent craftsmanship. In addition to the love we add to our work, know that these are limited edition and work under 7 Day return policy.
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