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    Gold Coins By Designs

    Gold always leaves a last impression on a person. Indians love to flaunt the best of Gold that they possess. With the intricate designs that WearYourShine offers to its customers; you are sure to fall in love with our range of Gold Coins.

    Laxmi & Ganesh Gold Coins:
    Laxmi signifies Wealth while Ganesh is considered as the significant God of the Hindus. Indians tends to have an affinity towards their Idols and hence WearYourShine offers a combination of Laxmi Ganesh Gold Coins Designs.

    Floral Gold Coins:
    Flowers are loved by all; they add charm to anything they live with. Add charm to your life with our Floral Gold Coins available online on WearYourShine.

    WearYourShine Assurance Policy:
    When buying 100% genuine Gold Coins, PC Jeweller trust is something innate with more than 54 showrooms across India. WearYourShine offers the 24 KARAT and 22 KARAT Gold Coins at the best price. We also offer a buy back of our Gold Coins at the then prevalent Gold rates in case you want to return back or exchange the Gold Coins in future.
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