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    Mangalsutras Online Shopping

    The Mangala Dharanam considered as the main ritual of the Hindi Wedding Ceremony talks about the groom that ties a necklace around the bride’s neck. Mangalsutra is a Sanskrit term; here ‘Mangala’ refers to ‘Holy’ or ‘Auspicious’ whereas ‘Sutra’ means ‘Thread’. The necklace is worn by the women for the rest of her live so as to define her marital status.

    Buy Diamond & Gold Mangalsutras online:
    It’s a wedding season and getting time to cut-off from your busy schedule is a task not favourable. In this case, online shopping is the best affordable chance for you to sit back at the comfort of your home and get your product delivered to you at your doorstep. Buy a Mangalsutra from WearYourShine and enjoy 100% free shipping all across India.

    Latest Diamond & 22K Gold Mangalsutra designs:
    Shop from our scintillating range of 22K Gold Mangalsutra Designs available online on our E-commerce store – WearYourShine.com; your one-stop destination for finely crafted and beautifully placed precious jewellery.

    Mangalsutras Price Range:
    A Mangalsutra marks the very importance of a wedding in a woman’s life. But buying one shouldn’t let your pockets go sore. Hence, WearYourShine lets you have the pleasure of buying Mangalsutras at an affordable price. Our Mangalsutras are priced between Rs. 10,897/- to Rs. 192,527/-

    Wedding Mangalsutras:
    Price Range : Rs. 10,897/- to Rs. 192,527/-
    Define your relationship with your partner with our intricately designed wedding Mangalsutras displayed online on the E-commerce store WearYourShine. To buy them, click here.

    Diamond Mangalsutras:
    Price Range : Rs. 10,897/- to Rs. 192,527/-
    WearYourShine offers a remarkable compilation of Diamond studded Mangalsutras for those that love to shine bright like a Diamond. To shop from a varied range of Diamond Mangalsutras, click here

    Mangalsutras under Rs. 25000/-
    For those that are looking for a selective range of classic Mangalsutras priced under Rs. 25,000/- can try one from the ‘Under Rs. 25,000/- ‘ category. To shop from this collection, shop on WearYourShine

    Gift Mangalsutras in India:
    Mangalsutras are the most cherished of the jewellery, a woman owns. Gifting her one will only add to the sheer pleasure of having it. Gift a Mangalsutra to the woman you care about and love the most from our intricately designed collection available online on WearYourShine.

    WearYourShine Assurance Policy:
    When buying Mangalsutras with our finest artistry and craftsmanship, PC Jeweller trust is something innate with more than 54 showrooms across India. WearYourShine's ability to offer the most innovative and latest designs at the most affordable prices is cherished by our customers. In addition to the love we add to our work, we offer our customers an exclusive 30 day return policy, exclusive life-time exchange and buy back policy allowing you to return an old purchase.
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