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    Diamond Nose Pins

    Nose piercings are a sacred ritual in India which can signify that a woman is ready for marriage, as a means to become more beautiful, to ease childbirth and even to pay for a funeral. Nose pins and nose rings likewise have an interesting and colourful history in the country, from the massive Maharashtrian nose pins with pearls and gemstones to the dainty diamond nose pins favoured by the north and the gold nose pins formed like flowers in the south.

    Diamond Nose Pins Online
    The diamond nose pin has grown in popularity and has lessened its size in recent years, with many young girls also opting for a nose pin to adorn them. Still a major component of weddings, nose pins vary in size with many contemporary brides choosing a more elaborate diamond nose pin over traditional nose rings. Diamond nose pin online on WearYourShine are a growing collection of delicate diamond and gold pieces with floral and geometric designs.

    Buy Diamond Nose Pins
    At WearYourShine there are different diamond nose pin designs to suit everyone’s taste from gentle floral designs featuring round cut diamonds to geometric designs with cushion cut diamonds. The range is perfect for those looking to add an elegant nose pin to their occasion wear and as a part of more party attire.

    WearYourShine Assurance
    With its wide range of nose pin designs WearYourShine offers more customization options like choosing the purity of the gold and the clarity of the stones used. Nose pins available online on WearYourShine start from 4,037 (18kt).
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