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    Pendants in India:

    Completing your 25th anniversary? Gift your wife a Pendant to light up her life with glitters and love. Let her dazzle as she flaunts the ever-so-beautiful Pendant from WearYourShine. Buy Pendants in India online on the best E-commerce store for fine jewellery.

    Buy Pendants Online Shopping:
    In a diverse-season country like India, shopping outdoors is a big-time hassle. Put all your worries away and be at leisure while you buy Pendants online on WearYourShine.

    Pendants Price Range:
    Buying something exclusive and taking care of your pockets is what everyone looks forward to; Buy from our exclusively charming price range of Rs. 2,584/- to Rs. 141,939/- online with WearYourShine

    Pendants Design:
    Mesmerize yourself with our collection of Diamond, Gemstone, Pearl and Plain Gold Pendants online on WearYourShine. Know what suits your face shape and get to choose from different diamond shapes. Choose between 14kt, 18kt and 22kt metal purity.

    Wedding Pendants:
    Price Range: Rs. 11,934/- to Rs. 141,939/-
    Wedding marks the beginning of a completely new yet heavenly relationship between two souls and their families. Let this beginning be savored forever with our collection of Wedding Pendants online on WearYourShine.

    Diamond Pendants for Women:
    Price Range: Rs. 4,291/- to Rs. 120,143/-
    Shine bright like a diamond with our ever-so-charming compilation of Diamond Pendants online on WearYourShine. Let your lady get what she deserves; buy her a diamond Pendant today.

    Gold Pendants for Men:
    Price Range: Rs. 2,584/- to Rs. 8,163/-
    Be a part of the gold rush with our impressive assortment of Gold Pendants to pamper the women in your life. You can buy gold Pendants online from our E-commerce store.

    Gemstone Pendants:
    Price Range: Rs. 6,767/- to Rs. 141,939/-
    Don’t let your Pendant be colorless. Add a dash of colour to your Pendant with our range of gemstone pendants available online. Choose from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and more and let your life turn into a colorful play.

    Om and Ganesh Pendant Online Shopping:
    Are you the religious kind? Let god embrace you with every step you take. Shop from our enticing range of Om and Ganesh Pendant displayed online on our online store WearYourShine. Stay blessed with our religious pendants collection.

    Gift Pendants in India:
    "She’s a woman, what should I gift her?" Don’t let this question worry while you can gift an impressive Pendant to show her how much you love her. Gift Pendants in India from WearYourShine for a trusted and certified shopping experience with our E-commerce store!

    WearYourShine Assurance Policy:
    "Actions speak louder than words" Yes, that’s what WearYourShine believes in. Our service is best spoken when experienced. Feel happy to avail our key service policies; 100% free shipping all across India, 30 Day return and exchange policy and many more to add on.
    When buying Pendants with our finest artistry and craftsmanship, PC Jeweller trust is something innate with more than 54 showrooms across India.
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