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    Buy Pendants under Rs. 15,000/- in India

    Don’t let money be the barrier between you and your love for jewels. Surprise yourself as we offer you the happiest range of Pendants under Rs. 15,000/-. To buy Pendants under Rs. 15,000/-, click here. Price range for these pendants starts from Rs. 2,584/-

    Pendant Designs under Rs. 15,000:
    Our Pendants are classified between Diamond, Gemstone, Pearl and Plain Gold. Choose the metal purity (14kt, 18kt and 22kt) that you wish to have for your pendant. Also, you can select the Diamond shape and buy from our splendid concoction of design and style available online on WearYourShine.

    Gift Pendants Under Rs. 15,000/- in India:
    Why just your love; show all your love and concern to your mother, sister, daughter or any significant women in your life and buy her a Pendant under Rs. 15,000/- in India. WearYourShine provides assurance of quality and service so that our customers shine happy and bright just like our jewels.

    WearYourShine Assurance
    When buying diamond pendants with our finest artistry and craftsmanship, PC Jeweller trust is something innate with more than 54 showrooms across India. WearYourShine's ability to offer the most innovative and latest designs at the most affordable prices is cherished by our customers. In addition to the love we add to our work, we offer our customers an exclusive 30 day return policy, exclusive life-time exchange and buy back policy allowing you to return an old purchase.
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